Fleet management


Fleet tracking

  • Satellite data from any terminal and network
  • Near real-time positions and data from onboard sensors
  • Geofencing capabilities that provide automatically a set of safety and operational notifications/alerts configured by the user
  • Post-voyage analysis (full historic access)
  • Fleet administration and management tools
  • Possibility to create multiple user profiles for controlled access to data
  • Various data delivery formats

Alert management

  • Customize alert settings and create specific zones
  • Create and receive notifications to report ships positions
  • Manage alerts from any satellite system

Our products

Leo ship terminal copyright CLS

You choose:

  • Use CLS dedicated terminal ;
  • Use existing on-board terminals – no hardware change or investment.

CLS provides a range of products that are easy-to-use and maintain and extremely reliable in harsh environments. From our regulatory satellite transceivers to our security-oriented trackers, all of our onboard equipment is highly cost-effective and extremely practical to use.

Recommended hardware

  • LEO TERMINAL for LRIT, fleet management and remote data collection
  • SHIPLOC IMO-compliant SSAS terminal
  • Personnel Tracker

Recommended  software