The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has been developing RPAS services to support authorities involved in Coast Guard functions:

  • Marine pollution monitoring
  • Anti-smuggling operations
  • Search & Rescue operations
  • IUU operations
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CLS’ RPAS DC was designed to meet stringent EMSA requirements: it is the unique place where all data missions will be stored, processed and made accessible to EMSA end-users.

In that respect, the capability (in terms of data processing performance, fusion, enhancement and scalability) and reliability (security, storage, 24/7 availability and helpdesk) of this Data Center are essential to ensure successful missions.


  • Improve RPAS video and image rendering through image processing modules: stabilization, improved resolution and contrast, stitching and mosaicking.
  • Make available to various users the observations through a user-friendly, highly responsive web portal, designed for fixed or nomad use. All images and sensor feeds are available in realtime and can be replayed offline for further analysis.
  • Ensure the fusion of the RPAS image feed into a marine chart context. External contextual information can also be integrated, such as AIS tracks.
  • Support a chat between your team and RPAS operators during flight operations.
  • Receive and archive all reports issued from the RPAS operations performed by third parties.