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Operating satellite systems and delivering high value-added services

CLS is a subsidiary of CNES and CNP. We have been operating satellite systems and providing high value-added products and services since 1986. CLS Group operates over 100 instruments carried by 60 satellites.

Our solutions include a wide range of services based on proven and innovative space technologies. As a result of 30 years of close collaboration with governments and agencies in charge of maritime surveillance, and maritime industry operators.

We provide our expertise to a broad range of customers : governments, scientific organizations, non-governmental organizations, institutions, maritime industry (maritime freight, oil and gas companies, commercial shipping, fisheries, etc).

Maritime Intelligence


Countries rely on CLS maritime surveillance solutions


Instruments flown on 60 satellites


Positions are processed per day


Maritime mobiles tracked worldwide

Our expertise

CLS has worked closely with maritime authorities around the world (Navies, Coast Guard, …) international agencies, shippingoffshore energy and space agencies in different countries.

Industry knowledge to bring efficient and effective services to governments and shipping industry

CLS has developed a wide range of satellite applications : track ships, detect illegal fishing, monitor strategic sea areas, coordinate operations at sea, Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), fleet management, piracy prevention and maritime Business Intelligence .