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RPAS Capabilities

RPAS tactically complement satellite situation awareness, positioning CLS at the pinnacle of real-time, exhaustive maritime surveillance to combat daily threats at sea.


RPAS: the Ideal System to Complement Satellite Data

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Geographical persistency

RPAS can cover large areas over extended periods. Get the full maritime picture by the combination of satellite and RPAS data


Operations 24 hours a day

Our RPAS can be operated day and night in a broad range of environmental conditions



Our RPAS as a service solution will provide you with significant operational flexibility compared to traditional response assets


The RPAS you need

Choose among a fixed wing, a rotary wing or a hybrid to suit your operational needs

Unmanned Systems for Today’s Maritime Challenges

We deliver tailor-made services in response to maritime threats providing situational awareness.

Pollution Monitoring

Keep a close eye on intentional or accidental oil spill at sea, identify polluter and support operational response.

Law Enforcement

Fly your RPAS over your maritime areas to fight against all illegal activities at sea (illegal fishing, smuggling, drugs and goods trafficking, piracy…).

Maritime Patrol

Expand your maritime patrol capabilities and watch over extended areas.

Emissions Monitoring

Monitor emissions from ships to ensure their compliance with environmental MARPOL regulations on SOx and NOx.

Border Control

Safeguard your sovereignty by overseeing maritime activities to protect and ensure security at your borders.

Search and Rescue

Ensure search and rescue operations, detect and rescue in vicinity targets by deploying lifeboats from the RPAS

RPAS as a Service

We deliver turnkey services to main European stakeholders leveraging cost-effective RPAS solutions providing an efficient component for maritime surveillance to end users.

From the GCS to the deployment of the RPAS, CLS provides an end-to-end service.
We operate the RPAS of your choice to better answer your needs.


Local Ground Control Station for pilots and payload operations with RLoS and BRLoS communications with RPAS


From long range operations at sea to vessel-based operations, use the suitable RPAS to meet your requirements

CLS' remote mission portal

CLS’ Remote Mission Portal for real-time or replay visualisation of operations, live chat with mission crew and data archiving

A unique live platform for all your RPAS

CLS’ Remote Mission Portal is a unique web platform to access to real-time missions’ video streams of your drone operations. Guide your drone missions remotely and discuss with your team members with an integrated chat tool.

RPAS improves the operational awareness picture in the overall surveillance chain. Get the very full picture and monitor RPAS activities with live and replay access to missions’ video streams.

maritime monitoring station
  • Internal pilot, flies the aircraft
  • Payload operator, in charge of gathering data
  • External pilot, assists the aircraft during take-off and landing in case of emergency
  • Maintenance technician, responsible for the system maintenance

Our Deployable Drones

From long endurance fixed-wings to rapidly deployable helicopters, CLS relies on a fleet of RPAS to answer your specific needs.



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Swissdrones SD0 50V2 drone


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The REACT Consortium

Discover the best of RPAS technology and maritime analytics, with the unique alliance between the drone manufacturer Tekever and the maritime surveillance services provider CLS.

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