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SSAS Solutions

Your Turnkey SSAS System

The 1974 SOLAS convention contributes to the IMO’s efforts to strengthen maritime safety and fight with acts of terrorism and piracy against ships.

From the beacon to the associated alert management platform, CLS provides a full system package to comply with Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) regulation requirements.

DiscoverAccess Shiploc.com

SSAS beacons to equip your vessels and transmit alerts


Global coverage through Iridium network constellation including polar zones

web platform

myshiploc.com, a web platform to manage your SSAS alerts and your fleet

client support

Delegation of SSAS alert management in support of flag administrations

ship security alert system

A Crucial System for Enhanced Maritime Safety

SSAS is designed to raise alarm in case of attempted piracy or terrorism by notifying the Flag State of the ship without alerting ships or coastal States in the vicinity or giving indication on board.

A Beacon to Localize your Fleet

Shiploc VII is our latest generation of SSAS beacon, built on more than 15 years of development and leveraging CLS’ expertise.

Equipped with Iridium & GPS patch antennas and a back-up battery up to 72 hours, our Shiploc VII provides position reports, ensures alert management and works everywhere.

To operate in polar zones, discover our Shiploc VII Arctic, specially designed to work in harsh environment.


A Web Platform to Visualize
your Fleet: Shiploc.com

With myshiploc.com, discover a full SSAS management web solution.

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Alerts management

Simply display alerts and tests from any SSAS hardware with easy online access to test archives and test expiration reminders.

alert dissimulation

Alert dissemination

Configure your alerts recipients and update directly your CSO contact in the system.


Global coverage

Thanks to the Iridium network constellation, monitor your fleet in new shipping routes including polar zones.

client support

365/24/7 service availability

We provide assistance by contacting relevant authorities to ensure alerts have been received and avoid false alerts treatment.

fleet management

Fleet management

Manage your fleet by configuring ship tracking frequency and get access to synthetic dashboard with KPIs for vessels’ performance and efficiency.

Optimized Fleet Management

Find out how we can help you further track and analyse your fleet for enhanced vessel efficiency.

Latest News

Fall Special Offer on SHIPLOC VII SSAS Beacon

Fall Special Offer on SHIPLOC VII SSAS Beacon

This season, we are delighted to offer a special sale with 20% off so you can equip your vessels with a CLS’ SHIPLOC VII certified SSAS Iridium beacon for less and safely sail on every maritime route including polar zones.

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