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Maritime Fleet Management

Over Watch your Fleet

CLS offers smart and complete tracking solutions from web-based ship management software to associated hardware, providing end-to-end solutions for enhanced maritime operations.

Explore our range of fleet tracking and business intelligence solutions for an exhaustive view of your fleet.


Easy-to-use beacons to track your vessels in real time with accuracy and reliability

satellite icon

Satellite communications for true global coverage relying on Inmarsat, Iridium and Argos constellations

web based solutions

Web-based solution to easlisy track your fleet and monitor efficiency through KPIs

data analytics

Data analytics for vessel performance with cross-checking and fusion of multisource data (AIS, vessel information, meteorological and oceanographic data)

themis fleet tracking

Themis Fleet Tracking:
your One-Stop Shop to Track your Fleet

Discover Themis Fleet tracking, our web-based solution to track your assets anywhere at any time, with added-value web services for enhanced vessel performance and efficiency.

Multisource data fleet tracking

Multisource Data
for Intelligent Tracking Services

Themis Fleet Tracking brings together intelligent tracking features, analysis and reporting into an easy-to-use web platform.

Discover this complete solution to accurately track vessels’ movements.

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Vessel Tracking

Track and obtain information on desired ship: near-real time position, speed, heading, port of call, ETA…

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Alerts Management

Geofencing capabilities that provide automatically a set of safety and operational notifications/alerts configured by the user.


Post Voyage Analysis

Obtain KPIs to monitor your fleet and optimise your vessels’ operations.



Choose among various delivery formats and acquire customised reports with ship position…


Compatible with Any Beacon

Select amid CLS dedicated terminal or use existing on-board terminals (no hardware change or investment).

web platform

User Friendly Platform

to manage your fleet and edit KPIs

Enhance your fleet daily operations with data-driven performance and access customised dashboards with accurate ship performance KPIs and actionable insights for your daily operations.


Business Intelligence

Get a better understanding of your vessels’ performance and efficiency with real-time monitoring of KPIs, on-board data collection and exchange

Operations Monitoring

Monitor pilot operations, bunkering, and detect in real-time berth and unberth manoeuvres of vessels


Port Visibility

Get access to port and terminal occupancy rate with prediction of next ports of call based on real ETA calculation
availability rate


Obtain specific reports to stay compliant with major pollution regulations (EU MRV and IMO DCS) as well as PSC requirements
alert management

Alert Management

Receive alerts when AIS data is missing and detect schedule abnormalities
client support

365/24/7 Service Availability

Our team is always available to provide personal support for a high-quality after-sale service

Recommended Hardwares

Aside satellite airtime, CLS provides a range of easy-to-use and maintainable beacons to complete your tracking solutions.


CLS Shiploc VII

Shiploc VII is an Iridium tracking device designed by CLS to comply with the SSAS regulation. It offers worldwide coverage in real-time and alert management service.

Access Shiploc VII Product Sheet '


CLS Shiploc VII Arctic

This version of Shiploc VII offers the same capability but was especially designed to operate in harsh environment, including polar zones.

Access Shiploc VII Arctic Brochure '

Sirius one beacon

Sirius One

Sirius One, an Iridium tracking device, is as simple as tracking should be: a fully self-contained unit that will keep you tracked, even without external power.

Access Sirius One Brochure '

Iridium Edge Solar transmitter

Iridium Edge Solar

Standalone, programmable and solar-powered SBD device offering real-time GPS tracking and communication capabilities over Bluetooth.

Access Edge Solar Brochure '

LT-3100S GMDSS System

Iridium LT-3100S

This robust beacon, compliant with LRIT requirements, is designed and built for the demanding and rough environment at sea.


NAL Shout 3G

This small satellite tracker is a dual mode messaging and tracking handheld device, utilising both Iridium and 3G/4G/LTE networks to send location reports and emergency notifications.

Access NAL Shout 3G Brochure '


NAL Shout Nano

This smaller version of the Shout 3G with selectable push button controls utilises Iridium SBD service to send GPS reports, two-way canned and free-text messages, and emergency notifications.

Access NAL Shout Nano Brochure '

thorium x

CLS Thorium X

This tablet is specially designed to withstand harsh environments. Its connectivity and transportability make it the perfect reporting tool for remote areas.

Access CLS Thorium X Datasheet '

iridium extreme 9575

Extreme 9575

This satellite phone provides real-time tracking with GPS-enabled SOS and can connect with Iridium Extend to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep in touch everywhere you travel.

Access Extreme 9575 Brochure '

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