David Bajouco: “We aim to provide all maritime players with the very best in data – information that’s accessible, flexible, affordable and on-demand”

Apr 25, 2024

David Bajouco is the new Director of Maritime Surveillance at CLS. CLS provides the maritime world, both private and public, with first-class data, satellite imagery, advanced sensor data and in-depth analysis.  

CLS’s MAS, the pioneering maritime information analysis and fusion system for maritime surveillance 

A few years ago, the marine surveillance experts at CLS developed MAS, a unique state-of-the-art platform for maritime intelligence.  

Developed in close collaboration with maritime authorities worldwide, CLS’s MAS (Maritime Awareness System) stands as the pioneering maritime information analysis and fusion system for maritime surveillance. This real-time surveillance platform furnishes surface imagery in real-time to bolster maritime operations and intelligence. 

Our Maritime Awareness System exploits and processes Big Data allowing users to receive, store and query, in real-time huge volumes of multiple data sources (AIS, SAT-AIS, LRIT, VMS, SAR, RF, optical imagery and vessel information). These multiple data sets form the basis for performing real-time or historic surveillance on an area, fleet or vessel of interest, as well as creating alerts for specific events or vessel behavior. 

MAS applications

Addressing paramount concerns such as sea pollution, border surveillance, fisheries control, and the monitoring of strategic locations, this comprehensive satellite image analysis and data fusion system enhances maritime situational awareness and conduct thorough analyses of maritime activities.

Today, MAS is a trusted and proven solution helping government agencies to access and understand mission relevant information enabling time critical decision making with an unquestioned level of security and reliability.

David Bajouco, Director for Maritime Security at CLS, agreed to answer our questions.


Greetings, David, and thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.

David, MAS has proved its worth, and today major maritime nations have adopted it and use it to support their day-to-day missions.

David Bajouco:

Yes indeed, and as long as the oceans continue to play host to so many issues, traffics and illegal operations, it will be essential to offer maritime authorities systems for monitoring, merging and analyzing multi-source data, for a complete vision of activities at sea.

And today, as we look at the field, we can see that this type of solution dedicated to analyzing and detecting behaviors of interest, offering invaluable assistance in operational activities, a reliable, rapid, and innovative decision-making tool, is likely to be of interest to players other than maritime authorities.

Insurance companies, shipping companies, fishing boat owners – all these players in the maritime world are also looking for solutions for their operational activities. With a more flexible, less constrained approach, based on specific themes and an entry fee that can only be paid when a specific need is expressed.

This gave rise to the idea of offering a range of services that could be accessed on an as-needed basis, in the event of an emergency, an incident requiring more in-depth analysis, or an expert assessment…

Both simple and flexible to access, these services can be ordered on demand or on a subscription basis, with different levels of subscription.


So, you streamline data by offering direct expertise. For which themes have you built this new offering?

David Bajouco:  

We have built eight new AIS based services, based on 24/7 CLS’ VIGISAT analysis team, to provide assistance to maritime entities, gather evidence, confirm suspicions….

Upon requests, we do the investigative work, analyzing and sifting through multi-source data thanks to CLS expertise, and, if necessary, commissioning additional information, to establish an in-depth, uncontested analysis of the maritime situation to be assessed.

We offer analysis and results in the form of detailed, easy-to-interpret reports that can be used directly to implement leads and results (statistical analysis, vessels monitoring, detection, identification, behavioral analysis, …)

Introducing our 8 new maritime awareness services, based on our data expertise and in-depth knowledge of maritime players:

  • Analysis of a maritime area,
  • Monitoring of activities in a specific area of interest,
  • Maritime situation,
  • Vessel follow-up,
  • Fleet follow-up,
  • Maritime area of interest,
  • Pollution detection,
  • Reconstruction of incidents and abnormal behavior at sea.
CLS Maritime Awareness Services

Working principle for Vigisat added-value services to support operation


In fact, the range is vast, rich and covers the majority of the most common problems in the field of maritime surveillance.

Would you care to elaborate on some of them, so that we can fully understand your proposal?

 David Bajouco: 

With great pleasure.

As you know, and it’s a terrible thing to see, not a day goes by without accidental or deliberate oil pollution cruelly affecting our oceans, their ecosystems and the economies of coastal countries. The example of Sri Lanka, with whom we signed an agreement 6 months ago on a system to combat pollution of their waters, is a flagrant example of this, but it’s not the only one.

With our new on demand Maritime Awareness Service dedicated to pollution detection, the underwriter saves time, can deploy intervention resources quickly, in the right place, and thus save money and implement a dissuasive policy, as is the case in Europe with EMSA.

Oil spill from ship

In the case of an oil spill monitoring, we analyze and expertise multi-sources data to detect and identify the oil slick, we monitor its drift and we identify the potential polluting vessel.

Our solution grants immediate access to numerous satellites and constellations, catering to customers who require swift response to events or proactive monitoring of situations.


I’ll leave it to you to conclude David.

David Bajouco:

“We deliver the maritime industry’s most comprehensive, accessible, and affordable data solutions, from satellite imagery to real-time sensor data and in-depth analyses, all on-demand. We will be pleased to answer your questions, and carefully study your maritime surveillance requirements with all our experience, to provide a reliable solution that has proven its worth wherever it has been implemented.

So, whether you are a representative from a maritime authority or from a private company do feel free to contact us to enquire about our maritime services.”

David Bajouco, Director of Maritime Safety at CLS

David Bajouco

David joined CLS in May 2023, as the new Director for Maritime Security.

Heading a team split between Toulouse (CLS HQ) and Brest (home to the first station in CLS’s VIGISAT network), well versed in the operational issues of both the public and private maritime world, David has joined the very select circle of satellite-based maritime surveillance, and now places innovation at the heart of his concerns.

Experienced sales director and business development with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, electronic and services industry. Skilled in software sales, energy, smart grid, smart city, defense & security, ITS and Automatic Weather Stations.

Strong sales professional with a Master focused in finance, economics, management from EDC (Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’entreprise).