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Maritime Authorities

Because you are crucial maritime stakeholders, we are committed to help you maintaining safe, secure and sustainable oceans.

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Fight Against
Illegal Activities at Sea

Stop goods and drugs trafficking, smuggling, piracy, pollution or IUU fishing from happening in your territory, from your coastal areas to the high seas.

Border Control

Ensure your sovereignty by overseeing maritime activities to protect and ensure security at your borders.

border control


suspicious activities at sea


Detect Suspicious Behavior

Get alerted of any abnormal event occurring in your maritime areas of interest thanks to AI-driven technologies.

Support to
Search & Rescue Operations

Plan and coordinate SAR operations, enabling time-critical decisions to save lives at sea.

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Discover our Foresight
Intelligence Solutions

Maritime Domain Awareness & Law Enforcement


Begin with CLS

How can we help you? CLS works with partners in all areas, both private and public, in charge of maritime surveillance. If you want to know how we can help you increase your performance, get in touch with our team.