Themis SAR

Decisive Software for Life-Saving Operations

Based on our experience in the COSPAS-SARSAT system in which CLS has been involved since 2000, we developed Themis SAR, the most advanced Search & Rescue decision support system following IAMSAR procedures.

Through this Incident Management System, navies and coastguards are empowered with a crucial software to save lives at sea.


CLS takes Action in Every Step of Search and Rescue Operations

Through artificial intelligence, we deliver actionable intelligence, provide behavioural analysis, identify any abnormality and raise alerts upon specific risks.

Themis SAR process

Themis SAR Main Features

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Transcription of alerts

Ability to decode COSPAS-SARSAT alerts coming from MCCs and other types of alerts (phone or radio calls…).

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Environmental data

Meteorological and oceanographic data for drift modelling and monitoring of search & rescue conditions (currents, winds, tides, swell, surface temperature, sea ice, cloud cover…).

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Drift model types

Automated calculation of search patterns with advanced standard and stochastic drift models compatible with IAMSAR guidelines and CLS’ in-house particle modelling system to determine search areas and probability of succes.

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Multisource data

Integration of vessel position data (AIS, VMS, LRIT) and satellite imagery to gather insights on areas and objects being searched.

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Multiple SRUs management

Access to available resources database (ships, aircrafts, helicopters, RPAS…) with additional information (technical characteristics, personnel on board, etc.) and real-time tracking of SRUs towards search area (including Spidertrack).

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Geographical data

Customise the monitoring of rescue operations by creating your own areas and assigning specific features (last known position, area of interest…).

Integrate local data and access different charts (satellite map, marine map) and marine layers (MPAs, EEZs, SAR areas…).

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Advanced platform

Easy-to-use and multi-user collaboration platform with 3D operations display, objects style customisation (Search & Rescue Units, SAR, patterns, zones, drift…)​.

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Communication module

Mailbox for communication and coordination between operators and SAR operations stakeholders​ (RCC to RCC, or RCC to MCC…).

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Aeronautical incident management

Tools and drift models for aeronautical search area determination.

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Automated reports

Generation of reports at specific formats (SITREP or SAPREP) for reliable and secured dispatch of crucial information, notably SAP (Search Action Plan) including calculation information and search patterns.

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Annotation and decision log

Possibility for operators to annotate each scenario and to access timestamped logbook to track all decisions taken.

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