Key milestones

Since 1986, CLS started to offer its services in close cooperation with governments and agencies in charge of maritime surveillance.


Since 2000

  • CLS completes its offer to governments with radar applications.
protect marine resources

Since 2004

  • World premiere satellite-based illegal fishing monitoring services
  • Kerguelen Islands, IUU
ship tracking positions

Since 2008

  • CLS major LRIT recognised ASP (Application Service Provider) worldwide (ref. EMSA, USCG)
  • LRIT Data Center EMSA, the biggest LRIT center in the world
Ship Entering Port

Since 2009

Customized fleet management and Business Intelligence services into the shipping industry, extended to the maritime business sector

vigisat radar image satellite

Since 2010

  • Extended MDA services combining earth observation, telecommunication and sat-com in Asia, America
  • SEAS OI VIGISAT – receiving station in Reunion Island
illegal fishing


  • MOVIMAR project, IUU Fisheries : tracking 3000 fishing vessels in Vietnam
  • Renewed CLS Data Center EMSA


  • INDESO contract notification
compliance regulations lrit ssas


  • LRIT Data Center Japan
MARISX 2013 exercice


  • DG Move study towards an EU piracy information network
  • INDESO project , IUU Fisheries – Start of operation, CLS developed a data center in Indonesia


  • CLS, The first French collaborative SENTINEL-1 receiving station
Fulcrum maritime systems lrit


  • CLS Group and Fulcrum Maritime Systems (FMS) joined forces to become a world-leading maritime surveillance service provider.