Law enforcement and compliance


CLS helps maritime safety administrations, shipping companies and fleet managers to be compliant with IMO regulations.

LRIT : track vessels on a global scale, CLS is an authorized Testing ASP for over 60 flag administrations worldwide.

  • Application service provider (ASP) CLS can be your Application Service Provider (ASP) and supply satellite communications from ships to LRIT Data centres, whatever the satellite network.
  • Testing ASP CLS can act as an authorized testing ASP in order to check the LRIT compliance of LRIT unit onboard.
  • LRIT Data center CLS develops, delivers and operates Data Centers on behalf of maritime administrations. Your Data Centre can be hosted either by your administration or by CLS (in house operated H24 on your behalf).

As per IMO LRIT requirements (MSC.1/Circ.1307), CLS proposes LRIT solutions from implementing and operating LRIT Data Centers, to providing satellite data (Application Service Provider) and supplying LRIT type approved terminals.

Our products

  • CLS LRIT DC software meeting the latest IMO requirements and beyond, as per customer request (billing, Business Intelligence…)
  • Most complete and flexible ASP solution worldwide, 24/7 monitored by CLS operators
  • LRIT compliant ship terminal :CLS has developed a ship terminal meeting the IMO requirements
  • Dedicated website

Vessel tracking and SOLAS compliant SSAS services

  • Permanent long-range fleet tracking
  • IMO SOLAS XI-2/6 compliant SSAS services and alert notification
  • Real time, full global coverage
  • On board hardware
  • A dedicated website to access ship positions and receive alarms per emails, SMS and 24/7 phone calls

Our products

Alert signal automatically sent to ship owner, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) and competent authorities, as per IMO SOLAS XI-2/6 requirements.

With the opening up of shipping lanes in the Arctic, SHIPLOC now also operates using the Iridium satellite constellation, enabling ship operators and CSO to permanently monitor the security of vessel and crew around the globe, at any time.

Recommended hardware :

  • Shiploc terminal

Recommanded software :

Law enforcement operations are difficult to coordinate for maritime authorities, who are responsible for vast and remote areas. Most illegal activities, such as piracy, are by definition difficult to monitor.

CLS provides satellite-based technologies and has operated various alerting systems for both safety and security for the past 20 years (COSPAS-SARSAT, LRIT, SSAS…) providing 24/7 alert management services.

24/7 alert monitoring by our analysts who call the alert sender in order to cross-check false or real alerts.

Tracking solutions for law enforcement agencies and defense

Our solutions allow perfect coordination during operations and real-time management at H.Q.

CLS provides a wide range of powerful easy-to-use monitoring software solutions. From the moment you turn on your tracking device, you will be able to monitor positions and historical data from your Smartphone if your are in the field, or through a secured web-based application at the office.

Thanks to CLS’s comprehensive range of software, users are able to organize missions and coordinate joint operations with other agencies by managing access rights for a period or a group of devices.

Our products

CLS provides a range of products that is easy-to-use and maintain and extremely reliable in harsh environments. From our regulatory satellite transceivers, to the security-oriented discreet trackers, all of our onboard equipment is highly cost-effective and extremely practical to use.

  • Remote alarm monitoring
  • Containers and asset tracking

Monitoring Ship emissions at sea

On January 1st 2015, the amended European Directive to limit the Sulfur Oxydes (SOx) emissions entered into force throught the IMO Sox- Regulation 14 . Enforcing this Directive requires emissions monitoring for all vessels. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are an excellent tool for remotely measuring ship missions.

CLS solutions to fight illegal trafficking and smuggling

CLS acquires images of the Earth day and night, 365 days a year in all weather conditions, with large coverage and high resolution capacity.

Satellites are the best method to monitor remote areas and maritime boundaries.

CLS’s solutions are based on merging satellite data from several sources, including satellite radar images and vessel tracking information to take advantage of an efficient service chain operation to increase your observation capabilities :

This system allows air patrols optimization for a fast detection, identification of the polluter or trafficker.

  • Enhanced SAT-AIS services
  • Regulatory fleet tracking services (VMS, LRIT…)
  • Earth observation products and services
  • Integrated Maritime Data Fusion Platform
  • Metocean data