Integrated solutions


We offer a variety of products from enhanced data to complete services for data fusion capabilities and Business Intelligence.

CLS’s solutions are based on merging satellite data from many different satellite networks and constellations.

Satellites are probably the best and most cost-effective option to monitor remote areas and maritime boundaries.

Maritime Awareness System (MAS)

CLS’ Maritime Awareness System (MAS) offers to maritime authorities, coast-guards, law enforcement agencies and navies worldwide a unique and state-of-the-art platform to monitor activities at sea.

LRIT Compliance

ll Flag states require LRIT conformance prior to 1 July 2009, in order to comply with IMO Resolution MSC.211(81). CLS is an authorized Testing ASP for over 60 flag administrations worldwide.

Themis: All-in-one solution

To enhance operations and risk management strategies for both maritime authorities and the shipping industry, CLS developed an easy and modulable web-based platform, THEMIS.

ShipLoc: SSAS Solution

Through its solution ShipLoc, CLS proposes an enhanced SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) solution meeting the IMO SOLAS regulation XI-2/6 requirements.

RPAS Capabilities

Our RPAS enable critical operations at sea: maritime surveillance, Search and Rescue, routine patrol missions. Their long endurance reduces operating costs, decreases risks and greatly enhances operations.

Ice Monitoring

CLS offers its expertise in satellite data processing for radar imagery and altimetry data (sea surface height measurements) and ocean current modeling to detect the presence and forecast the drift of icebergs in the Antarctic and Arctic zones.