Track your Fleet, Anywhere, Any Time with THEMIS

Dec 21, 2022

CLS offers smart and complete tracking solution from web-based ship management software to associated hardware, providing end-to-end solutions for enhanced maritime operations :

  • AIS data
  • Vessel tracking
  • Inmarsat network
  • Compatible with any beacon
  • Iridium network

THEMIS fleet tracking

THEMIS Fleet Tracking

  • Your one-stop-shop to track and analyse your fleet:
  • Multisource data (Inmarsat-C, Iridium, Argos, AIS, meteorological and oceanographic, ship databases…)
  • Vessel tracking and detailed information of desired ship (near-real time position, speed, heading, port of call, ETA…)
  • Alerts management (notifications/alerts configurable by the user)
  • Post voyage analysis (KPIs to monitor your fleet and optimise vessels’ operations)
  • Reporting (customised reports)
  • Compatible with any beacon
  • User-friendly platform