Japan chooses CLS to provide LRIT services

Oct 23, 2016

In February 2016, CLS has been selected to operate the Japan LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking) Data Centre to assist the Japan Coast Guard in their daily operations.

The challenge: to provide operational LRIT DC and airtime services by April 1st.

3 main uses:

  • Safety
  • Protection of the marine environment
  • Support to rescue at sea

Since January 1st 2008, by virtue of the SOLAS convention governing safety of life at sea, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandated a new international system called LRIT system. Formed by maritime surveillance data centers, this identification system ship positioning via satellites at a global scale.

Every contracting government to the SOLAS convention is obliged to comply with this system. Europe has set up its own data center, supplied by CLS and operated by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon on behalf of all EU member states.

CLS develops customized solutions in the maritime surveillance sector (data center, satellite access services). Europe, as well as Chile, Mexico, Republic of Vanuatu, Morocco, Egypt and today Japan entrust their LRIT system to CLS. CLS offers competitive and innovative solutions : a full portfolio of products towards LRIT compliance and beyond. Thanks to the support of the CLS office in Japan, CLS has renewed its collaboration with the Japan Coast Guard.


CLS offers competitive and innovative solutions: a full portfolio of products towards LRIT compliance and beyond.

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CLS solutions help governments and institutions for maritime domain awareness, law enforcement and compliance, search and rescue sctivities:Maritime intelligence solutions