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Oil Spills: When every minute counts

CLS helps locating oil spill enabling time critical decision making with an unquestioned level of security and reliability.

Fighting pollution at sea: Each year, more than 15,000 images are analyzed by CLS’s experts

Solutions exist to combat pollution at sea, and it is from space, thanks to the satellites and drones that CLS deploys as a complement.

A drone able to deploy rescue raft to people in distress at sea

CLS & TEKEVER added a new life-saving capability to the maritime patrol AR5 drone: 8 person life rafts can be dropped to people in distress

Fight against illegal fishing in Ecuador

Ecuador, like many other countries, aware of the need for surveillance and protection of their EEZ has placed their trust in CLS.

EFFECTOR H2020: EFFECTOR workshop on Interoperability in Maritime Situational Awareness

A successful online EFFECTOR workshop to present the project’s results produced so far to 100 participants.

Improving maritime transport Safety with Shiploc

June 25 is “The Day of the Seafarer”. The dangers they faced are real. CLS supports them with an anti-piracy system called ShipLoc.

CLS analysts investigate oil spill off Corsica from space

An oil spill has been detected at sea near Corsica, France, visible on satellite radar images, CLS is investigating.

The French Navy’s TRIMARAN III contract, which relies on CLS, mobilizes more than 300 satellites to monitor the French maritime space

The French Navy’s TRIMARAN III contract, which relies on CLS, mobilizes more than 300 satellites to monitor the French maritime space.

International Day on the fight against IUU fishing

Illegal fishing means millions of tons of fish caught every year, one fish out of 5 that ends up on the shelves has been caught in an unregulated way. CLS has, for many years, been committed to fighting this environmental, human, economic and ecological plague.

Tautkae storm: Barge in distress off the coast of Bombay, the shipwrecked trigger their Cospas-Sarsat system

With more than 260 people on board a barge sets off its Cospas-Sarsat beacon during the Tauktae storm south of Mumbai on 17th May 2021.

Saving lives with the Cospas-Sarsat system by Bruno Chazal, or the praise of diplomacy

CLS operates the French Cospas-Sarsat Mission Control Center (FMCC). Interview with Bruno Chazal, Cospas-Sarsat France’s representative.

Combatting IUU Fishing in Chilean waters with MAS

The IUU fishing industry is a real concern and monitoring and enforcement is a significant challenge. This is precisely what CLS’ ‘MAS’ system provides.

EFFECTOR EU H2020 Project: The power of data to boost maritime surveillance

Safer, more secure and cleaner seas and oceans is a prime concern. Securing the maritime domain is obviously essential to protect the EU’s strategic maritime interests. The EU-funded EFFECTOR project will boost maritime surveillance and improve decision support.

ISAT M2M end of life, replace your equipment with CLS

To ensure service continuity of your asset, CLS team proposes alternative solutions to the ISATM2M terminal.

CLS is attending digital Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology (MRST) 2021 trade fair from 3rd to 4th February

Meet the CLS team on MRST 2021 from 3rd to 4th February to talk about Maritime Domain Awareness platform and RPAS solutions.

Vendée Globe: satellites monitor the threat of the icebergs and we adapt the AEZ accordingly

Hand in hand with the Vendée Globe Race Direction, faced with the danger of icebergs, the satellites are watching and the ZEA is adapted.

Position: iceberg hunter

As the 2020 Vendée Globe’s skippers enter the Southern Ocean, icebergs are the ultimate danger to avoid. Meet Jimmy Viard, CLS radar analyst.

CLS Response to COVID-19

In an unprecedented context, CLS is committed to providing its full support in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Worldwide shipping experienced a revolution on January 1, 2020 with the new IMO emission standards

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships is a challenge faced by the shipping industry. How can drones help monitor ship emissions?

Arnaud Blanchard, Mr. Drone at CLS

Meet our team: Arnaud Blanchard, Mr. Drone at CLS. He manages the CLS’s Drones unit and the VIGISAT satellite imagery analysis team.

Vendée Globe 2020: CLS official partner and ice vigil

During the 2020 Vendée Globe race, CLS will support the skippers by monitoring the iceberg drift as they approach Antarctica.

Hydrocarbon Pollution Alert in Mauritius

Pollution alert in Mauritius following the sinking of the MV Wakashio, who was carrying 200 tonnes of diesel and 3 800 tonnes of heavy oil.

How can drones help monitor maritime zones?

Drones are easy to deploy and facilitate critical operations at sea. CLS’ drones offer a capability to monitor activity at sea.

What are the main challenges facing navies, customs, coastguards and other maritime security organizations?

Come see us at the Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference in Rome, Italy, from 5 to 6 February 2020.

Publication by the French Navy’s MICA Center (Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center) of the 2019 worldwide report on piracy and robbery

Piracy and armed robbery at sea, endanger the safety of crew and goods carried. This threat can be monitored thanks to CLS’s real-time Maritime Awareness System (MAS).

The Sinking of the Erika, 20 Years Later – “The authorities were almost blind… today they can see everything”

December 12th, 1999, the oil tanker Erika sanked off the coast of Brittany. Since, what has changed in the fight against maritime pollution?

CLS is attending Interpol World in Singapore, 2-4 July 2019

CLS is proud to introduce at Interpol World Singapore its brand-new Maritime Awareness System, a unique state-of-the-art platform for maritime intelligence.

Jules Verne Trophy: CLS detects dangerous icebergs via satellite

Thanks to its ice detection expertise, CLS helps Spindrift attain the Trophy during the Jules Verne Trophy.

European Space Week, Marseille, 3-6 December 2018

How Space is Making Maritime Surveillance Faster and Smarter? CLS was at the European Space Week 2018 in Marseille.

French Assises de l’Economie de la Mer: CLS Highlights

CLS was at the French Assises de l’Economie de la Mer. How Maritime Defence contributes to research and industrial and civil progress?

CLS launches the challenge “Space IoT technology for the oceans”

CLS offers SMEs the opportunity to use satellite connected object technology to meet the needs of the maritime industry.

The French ‘Assises de la Mer’ – Starting Today for 2 Days of Workshops on the Blue Economy, in Brest, France

Vincent Kerbaol, CLS Brest, will speak in a workshop scheduled on November, Wednesday 28th about the Artemis project, Kinéis and CLS’ innovations.

Kineis, a unique constellation

With the support of CNES, CLS: Collecte Location Satellites, announces the creation of a new subsidiary, Kineis, new major player in French NewSpace.

Tracking HurricaneLane by satellite as it approaches Hawaii

The CLS Group and Ifremer in cooperation with ESA have tracked HurricaneLane by satellite since August 18th.

ActInSpace 2018: AIS challenge

CLS proposes a challenge: think of potential new applications that could use the data provided by a combination of “Open data & AIS”.

CLS participates to the Marine Environment Protection Commitee (MEPC) in London

CLS is attending MEPC in order to promote space-based monitoring and analytics solutions to efficiently support enforcement of these regulations.

France well coordinated to efficiently support fight against pollution at sea

CLS together with the Cluster Maritime Français, organized on March 21st, a presentation of the space-based technologies to fight effectively against the maritime pollutions.

40 years after the sinking of the Amoco Cadiz

40 years ago, facing the municipality of Portsall, the supertanker Amoco Cadiz, releases 220000 tons of crude oil.

Which technologies for the fight against marine pollution?

CLS organizes with the Cluster Maritime Français a breakfast of exchanges on the stakes and the contributions of the space-based technologies to fight effectively against the maritime pollutions.

Tracking of Sargassum by CLS

Combining satellite images with the CLS drift model MOBIDRIFT, very large Sargassum rafts are located offshore near Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Effective Implementation and Management of the LRIT System

CLS, and its subsidiary FULCRUM, at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to support the future of LRIT, a solution which CLS and FULCRUM are promoting worldwide with more than 60 customers/countries.

CLS, ready to take on the challenge of blue growth

In a meeting organized with representatives of the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Nicolas Hulot, French Minister of Ecology, set blue economy targets in a key phrase: “We must accelerate” This event dedicated to blue growth, which took place in France last Friday, enabled the minister to meet representatives of French civil society, military, and companies

CLS participates to the Air Paris Show 2017 to promote space and maritime applications

The Paris Air Show 2017 “Salon du Bourget” is a privileged moment to describe the new activities and the potential offered by space solutions. In the current context of digital transition, space applications are present in our daily lives. CLS, a subsidiary of  the French Agency CNES, will be present throughout this event to present

Maritime & Port Authority Singapore (MPA) awards CLS to host and operate the Singapore LRIT National Data Center

Toulouse, February 28th 2017 – CLS is very pleased to announce successful start of operations for the Singapore LRIT NDC, from Toulouse (FRANCE), on behalf of Singapore Maritime & Port Authority (MPA). The Singapore LRIT NDC is ensuring the tracking and LRIT compliance of all Singapore flagged vessels above 300 GT required to comply with

Fulcrum Maritime Systems joins CLS Group

CLS Group and Fulcrum Maritime Systems (FMS) joined forces at the end of 2016 to become a world-leading maritime surveillance service provider. CLS Group infrastructure and worldwide network, as well as FMS expertise on maritime services such as LRIT, are expected to further increase operational capabilities for the benefit of existing customers. Christophe Vassal, CEO

Maritime surveillance workshop in Kuala Lumpur, December 1st, 2016.

CLS gathered in Kuala Lumpur about 25 persons, representing 4 countries, from maritime authorities. Presentations have been given about state of the art of technologies for maritime surveillance by satellite. Focus has been made on the principal problematics of the maritime domain : pollution by ships, illegal trafficking, piracy. Use cases have been presented to

Japan chooses CLS to provide LRIT services

In February 2016, CLS has been selected to operate the Japan LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking) Data Centre to assist the Japan Coast Guard in their daily operations. The challenge: to provide operational LRIT DC and airtime services by April 1st. 3 main uses: Safety Protection of the marine environment Support to rescue at sea

CLS will participate to the Lomé SUMMIT on maritime security

The seas and oceans are a significant resource of considerable value to Africa. In this context, the Togolese government is organizing a series of events to run alongside the African Union Extraordinary Summit on Maritime Security and Safety and Development in Africa, known as the SIDE EVENTS, from 10-15 October 2016, on the Esplanade of

Maritime piracy: a collaborative approach

Workshop Towards an EU Maritime Piracy Information network The DG MOVE/CLS workshop “towards an enhanced maritime piracy information network” was held on 16 & 17 February 2016 in CLS Headquarters, at Toulouse (France). The meeting was a success and much progress was made towards understanding how to improve collaboration on maritime piracy prevention and response.

CLS helps Europe to enforce maritime emissions monitoring with the ESA feasibility study “STEAM”

On January 1st 2015, the amended European Directive to limit the Sulfur Oxydes (SOx) emissions entered into force. Enforcing this Directive requires emissions monitoring for all vessels. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are an excellent tool for measuring ship emissions. The ESA feasibility study “STEAM”* has started on November, 1st 2015 and is led by CLS. CLS, which has been working

CLS is appointed as conformance testing for Singapore

With the recognition by Liberia LISCR and Singapore MPA, CLS is today confirmed as a major LRIT testing ASP worldwide. To help ship owners comply with these obligations, CLS offers to conduct LRIT Conformity Tests in accordance with the SOLAS requirements and will be able to carry out the necessary conformance test in order to certify the LRIT communication capabilities of the

Towards an EU piracy information network

Piracy response and prevention has become a crucial mission for governments, international organizations and ship-owners alike. The European Commission (DG MOVE) has awarded an 18-month contract to CLS, to identify the most effective and reliable approach to disseminating worldwide information on piracy and armed robbery at sea to EU stakeholders (ships/ ship operators/ ship owners,

CLS awarded contract to provide SAT-AIS Solution to Peruvian Navy DICAPI

CLS is pleased to work with satellite AIS data provider ExactEarth Ltd to provide SAT-AIS services to the Peruvian Navy (DICAPI). For over 30 years CLS has been providing customized maritime surveillance solutions to national governments and Coast Guard agencies all over the world. CLS SAT-AIS solutions offer clients an optimized service that collects, processes and integrates raw data into

CLS confirmed as Major LRIT ASP

Following a call for tender, CLS is pleased to announce that EMSA has renewed its trust in CLS for the provision of LRIT ASP services. « With almost 30 years experience in maritime geointelligence, we view this new contract as a strong recognition of the quality of our maritime surveillance services. We are very pleased with this award, proud to serve

Acquisition of Horizon Marine Inc.

With the acquisition of Horizon Marine Inc., CLS has entered the American market for services to the offshore oil industry CLS, the Toulouse-based ocean-monitoring group, has staked out a position in the Gulf of Mexico by purchasing Horizon Marine Inc., the American specialist in services to offshore oil companies, and thus broadened its offer to

Maritime piracy: A collaborative approach

Meet us during the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), 95th session, organised by IMO, from 3 to 12 June 2015.

CLS, The first French collaborative SENTINEL-1 receiving station

VIGISAT becomes the first French collaborative station and will continue to provide data and products with near real-time positioning services and sea states measurements for maritime surveillance applications.

CLS provides integrated SAT-AIS services

CLS is working on a system that will collect, process and integrate all available SAT-AIS data streams in one operational center.

MARISX 2013 exercice: CLS action as key satellite-based maritime expert

As part of the Maritime Information Sharing Exercise 2013 (MARISX) held at the IFC in Singapore last May, CLS provided operational support in the different exercises that were undertaken.

New routes, new technologies

With the opening up of shipping lanes in the Arctic, a new world of shipping opportunities is possible.